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I have built a tool that lets me see what is on television that I would like to watch. I built it using XMLTV, MySQL and Perl.

Here is basically how it works:

Sample files:

  • mycrontab.txt - entry in my crontab that updates my data nightly.
  • getlist - shell script called by the above crontab entry to update the data (fetch data using XMLTV, then calls y.pl to update the MySQL database)
  • y.pl - perl script that reads the XMLTV generated XML file and updates the MySQL database
  • TVListingsTables.sql - SQL needed to generate all of the tables that I use in my MySQL database
  • mytvlistings - perl script that reads the data from the MySQL database and presents the results on screen
  • myhomeplugins.pl - wrapper for mytvlistings (mytvlistings is one part of my personal portal - more information may come later)